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Kai-tak drawing rain, while another low pressure approaches Mindanao

Good afternoon from the Western Pacific Weather team.

Tropical Storm Kai-tak (Urduja) continues to push to the west away from the Philippines, and while it is over the open waters, it is still impacting nearby areas of land. The system is helping to enhance the rain over Luzon. Some locations are still seeing high amounts of rainfall with little movement, leading to concerns of more flooding.

Meanwhile, those in Vietnam need to be on the lookout for rain over the next couple of days. Those on the southern coastline will likely see some rain into Wednesday, and some of the rain could be heavy. Therefore, those living in the region should be prepared to move further inland should that need arise.

Invest 97W is still simply a low pressure to the east of Mindanao. That being said, while the system is looking less likely to develop into something tropical, it is looking more likely that it will bring heavy rainfall into both Mindanao and Visayas as we head into Christmas weekend. Both the GFS and the Euro models are indicating the enhancement of moisture for the central and northern areas of the Philippines, while the southern areas will see the low pressure system passing over the region. It is becoming more likely that Mindanao will see a soaker of a storm for the weekend.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

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