Slow-moving tropical depression to bring plenty of rain to Mindanao

Good evening from the Western Pacific Weather team.

While Kai-tak is continuing to move further away from the Philippines, a tropical depression east of the Philippines is heading its way toward Mindanao. The slow-moving system is currently drifting to the west. Sea surface temperatures are warm enough to aid in the storm’s moisture potential, but there are still factors, including some wind shear, that’s preventing the system from intensifying for the moment.

Nevertheless, it is going to be a wet weekend for those in Mindanao. Some will see up to 250 mm of rain, and that could lead to flooding and landslides. Residents should prepare for a rough weekend and possibly through the first part of next week.

Other areas to the north of Mindanao are likely to not see any direct impact from the depression, but there is a chance that some of that rain may impact Visayas.

On a side note, Kai-tak will bring some significant rain into certain portions of southern Vietnam. Rain totals may hit up to 100 mm. Residents should be prepared as this storm, while not making landfall, could still run plenty of rain into the region.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

20171220 Satellite

About Jonathan Oh

Jonathan Oh is a meteorologist on Western Pacific Weather and appearing on NHK World. Jonathan has been working in the field for more than 10 years with a focus on broadcast, radar, and computer model forecasting. He is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

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