Tropical Storm Matmo Forms West of the Philippines

The 22nd named storm of 2019 in the Western Pacific has formed west of the Philippines and towards the east of Vietnam. The storm at this time (Wednesday


Morning ) is gaining a bit of strength and does look rather organized on satellite imagery. In fact it’s DVORAK ESTIMATE (right) has continued to slowly climb indicating a strengthening storm.

Good news Matmo will not have a terrible amount of time to intensify in to anything to intense. Plus a bit of dry air from the north will keep it from getting to large either. This is why JTWC and JMA keep it as a tropical storm over the next 72hrs as it moves west coming on shore in central Vietnam Wednesday night in to Thursday morning. The main issue with this storm will be rainfall especially in the hills just inland from the coast. Just south and east of Da Nang specifically in south central Vietnam.

With that sad much needed rainfall will also flow in from the west behind this storm across the Philippines. Much of the country has been in drought this summer. One reason for that is the lack of typhoons to hit the country in 2019. In fact none at all have moved over the main island of Luzon which is quite unusual. The end result is a net water loss. So this little enhancement of moisture will bring rain. But to much of course could be problematic so in heavier rainfall areas flooding can still be a risk.

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