Few Areas in the Tropics to Watch this weekend.

There are a few areas in the tropics worth watching this weekend in to next week. At this time I don’t expect anything major out of them but at the same time we could have another named storm system kicking up the seas east of Guam and in the South China Sea.

Area 1

First let’s talk about the area now over the Philippines which is bringing scattered rain showers to the country. Heading in to next week this wave of moisture could get a little assist from a passing upper level trough out of China to allow just enough vorticity to create some development. The 18Z GFS MODEL RUN on the 31st does exactly this as well as with the previous 5 runs. In short there is decent confidence of something forming in the South China Sea between Vietnam and the Philippines next week.

Area 2

Out near the international date line there is a trough that is not quite a full on low pressure area based on ASCAT imagery but enough of something to warrant watching. Good news so far out to the east and with such potent westerly waves moving by Guam next week this should hook north and not impact anyone.

Area 3 (Matmo Remnants)

Now over Indo-China and raining out. Still getting swept up with the South West Monsoon though.

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