Tropical Storm Halong Update and Longe Range Outlook (November 4th)

Tropical Storm Malong is stirring up the oceans east of Guam and is expected to move north with a upper level trough moving in out of Japan this week.

This is something I been expecting for a while now and is why despite what some long range model hawks have been saying I was not too worried about Halong from the start. Check out the latest model runs here.

The bigger worry as far is direct landmass impact is the separate low over the South China Sea. (Also known as Invest 90w) This is bringing some much needed rainfall across Luzon and could pull itself together to become a named storm in the area.

With all that said the GFS is still pulling for something to develop over 200 HOURS OUT.. which means take that as it is, something long range one model is jumping on. I explain this in detail in the video. ( I know one person will ask ”will the storm turn in to a typhoon and head towards the Philippines” ) *Extra Credit* Can you spot the Kono Suba ad in the video above? I just bought tickets for the movie and am pretty excited…

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