11th November Western Pacific Outlook (Nakri & Tropical Lows)

It’s the 11th of November 2019, there are multiple low pressure areas in the Western Pacific today but no real “big story” at this time.


Most notable though is Nakri which made landfall in Vietnam this weekend. It still is set to bring plenty of rainfall in central areas of the country along with flooding flooding and possible landslides much like what took place with Matmo. The highest chance of this is in central areas of the country over the next 24hrs.

Meanwhile a new area east of the Philippines (91W) is developing and could become a

GFS 96hr Rainfall

tropical depression ( I give it a high chance ) or a tropical storm ( Medium chance) but not a typhoon (low chance) over the next 48 hours. Yet as we go ahead through this week my thoughts may change on that forecast after we see how it continues to develop. For now there are no warnings out on it. (See the links below for tropical weather outlooks.) This will likely be a big rain maker for northern Luzon yet again as well as interacting with the north east monsoon which will kick up gale force winds.

Also 92W is out there, I’m keeping an eye on it but worth mentioning. Moving on, it is a beautiful day across Okinawa while Korea is seeing thunderstorms with a passing westerly low. That will likely kick up some snowfall for Japan as well. Skiers and snowboarders rejoice!

Lastly and I continue to job search in Japan. It’s home for me which is one reason why I continue to put these updates out, if you know of any weather positions open in the country please let me know!

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