Bomb Cyclone Of A storm over Far Eastern Russia Set to bring heavy snow to northern Japan

A low pressure area who’s pressure dropped over 24mb in 24hrs making it a “bomb cyclone” is stirring up the seas off of Far Eastern Russia today. According to ASCAT imagery in fact sustained winds near Typhoon strength are being seeing just north of Hokkaido around the Kuril Islands, I’m sure due to funneling in those areas gust over typhoon strength are taking place.

As the image shows below JMA is expecting over 100cm of snowfall across Hokkaido from the 15th – the 17th along with winds upwards of 35 m/s to 126kph! That’s more or less a very rough day.

Skiers and snowboards rejoice though, this will help resorts get going across northern Japan with the sea effect snow as well bringing snow for most of the resorts in Hokkaido and maybe even as far south as the mountains across Niigata and Nagano. Places like Kagura in Yuzawa will get a nice bit of snow.

If you are curious about the dynamics behind sea effect snow check out this video.

Lastly and I continue to job search in Japan. It’s home for me which is one reason why I continue to put these updates out, if you know of any weather positions open in the country please let me know!

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