Typhoon Fengshen Undergoes Rapid Intensification

The Northern Mariana Islands are being impacted by a now much stronger typhoon Fengshen after the storm underwent some rapid intensification over the North Pacific.

According to the Guam NWS ” The Typhoon Warning for Agrihan, Pagan, and Alamagan in the

Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas will be cancelled by 800 AM.
Winds across all three islands have decreased below damaging levels
but will remain breezy today.:" 

Good news where that warning is in place the islands are more or less uninhabited. The storm will continue to recurve as well thanks to an upper level trough to the north resulting in it missing the Ogasawara islands as well of Japan. I’m sure some nasty waves on their southern shores will be felt but that is nothing new for those islands.

The image below is the DVORAK estimate on the storm. Notice the large jump after rapid intensification took place on the storm. This is very similar to what we seen with typhoon Halong and typhoon Hagibis earlier this year in the same area of the Pacific. Warm sea surface temperatures in this area really provide fuel for these storms to gain strength.

Overall Fengshen is an interesting storm to look but but I’m not all to worried on it’s impact on people directly.

Lastly and I continue to job search in Japan. It’s home for me which is one reason why I continue to put these updates out, if you know of any weather positions open in the country please let me know!

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