Kalmaegi / Ramon Nearing Landfall

One of the most stubborn storms of the year known as Kalmaegi or Ramon in the Philippines is finally starting to drift west over Luzon today. The storm is also bringing with it heavy rainfall for the northern areas of the Island with Cagayan seeing upwards of 300-400mm of rainfall with this storm. Winds will also be and issue at times with possible gust upwards of 100kph according to PAGASA. This will mainly be along the northern stretches of Luzon from Aparri west.

Of course as mentioned for nearly a week now the main issue with Kalmaegi is not the wind, it’s all about the rainfall with this slow moving stubborn storm. In fact PAGASA has noted those under Signal Force Warnings. ” especially those living in areas identified to be highly or very highly susceptible to flooding and rain-induced landslides, are advised to take appropriate actions, coordinate with local disaster risk reduction and management offices, and continue monitoring for updates, especially the Thunderstorm or Rainfall Advisories and Heavy Rainfall Warnings to be issued by PAGASA Regional Services Divisions. “

This comes on the heal of heavy rainfall earlier this month as well with Matmo and then Nakri (Queil) thus saturating the area and creating an even higher threat of flooding. In fact the area was hit hard in the Cagayan valley with 11 towns experiencing serious flooding. Thus relief is already heading in to the area and hopefully will arrive soon after Kalmaegi passes.

Another issue will be the Next storm in the forecast, the verdict is still out on how strong it will get but at this time it continues to look like even more rainfall for northern Luzon, the GFS total rainfall outlook is below showing some areas over 800mm in total.

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