Archive | November 26, 2019

Tropical Storm Warnings In Place For Guam ( Kammuri Update)

Tropical storm warnings have been issued for Guam and the Mariana islands today with the formation of a new tropical system south east of Guam. The storm is expected to pass south of Guam Tuesday night in to Wednesday morning bringing winds up to 45 to 50 knots according to the Guam NWS.

Their latest warning can be found here.

if you want decent weather reports from the South East of Guam check Jeffs Pirate cove.

The highest winds will be along the eastern half of the island of Guam. This is less populated and is built for typhoons while the eastern half of the island should be relatively sheltered by the hills in the middle. Tourist visiting though may have a rough go of it for a day.

The forecast beyond Guam is still uncertain though, there is a high chance of a typhoon intensity storm system this week in the Philippine sea but where it goes is up for debate. A passing trough out of Japan could pull it north it the overall steering flow breaks down. If the storm does not have enough pull though it will set back up under the influence of a incoming cold surge behind the trough pushing it back west towards the Philippines. This is why the extended forecast remains low confidence with this storm. Once it passes Guam and the trough sets up on it the confidence in the forecast will increase dramatically.