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Typhoon Kammuri / Tisoy Making Landfall

After some rapid intensification just prior to landfall Typhoon Kammuri is now coming on shore in the Bicol Region of South East Luzon. At this time over 3,000 people have been evacuated and thousands more are stranded after flights and ferries were cancelled.


A damaging wind threat of course exist with this storm. According to JMA could come on shore in southern to Central Luzon with winds gusting over 130kts. Yet with sea surface temperatures remaining over 30 degrees in the Philippine sea there is a potential of strengthening prior to landfall making winds even higher. Any structures along the coast not make of concrete could suffer wind damage.

Storm Surge

There are plenty of bays in inlets along the south east of coast of Luzon that could help trigger a funneling effect as Kammuri moves near the shore. If that takes place a significant storm surge may accompany Kammuri. Plus as winds shift from the west across Manila bay a coastal storm surge in the capitol may also take place on Tuesday. Places like Roxas BLVD that are known for flooding will likely flood.


As with any tropical system making landfall a lot of rain will come with it. The storm may slow down a bit after coming on shore which will result in high amounts of rain. According to latest GFS models upwards of 400-500mm is possible. That is enough to trigger local flooding and landslides.

Organizers at the South East Asian Games say they are prepared for the storms impacts. They did note some events could be delayed or cancelled while indoor events are expected to go on as normal. The games start November 30th and run through December 11th.

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