Archive | June 1, 2021

Tropical Storm Dante / Choi-wan Impacting the Philippines

Choi-wan / Dante continues to drift west today meaning the west coast of Luzon and Mindoro will get some of the heaviest rain in the next 24hrs. This includes Manila where Signal Force 2 and 1 has been raised. (This is basically a TS watch / Warning. ) In those Urban areas be ready for the possibility of some urban flooding in poor drainage areas as well as river level rises.

Signal force 1 and 2 has been issued along the west coast.

Photos out of Leyte which has already experienced heavy rains and flooding in connection with Typhoon #DantePH . Due to the slow nature of the storm these impacts are to be expected over the next few days.

Persistent rainfall from #Dante / Choi-wan in Mindanao is also causing problems with landslides being reported in Davao De Oro. These photos shared by Aihk Kenneth Barona.