Tropical Storm Koguma moving on shore in to Northern Vietnam.

Tropical Storm Koguma has now labeled by JMA the 4th named storm of 2021 in the western pacific. This area is more or less a large mass of thunderstorms in the Gulf of Tonkin moving on shore into Northern Vietnam. The biggest issue is heavy rainfall, flooding, and landslides in N. Vietnam and Laos. Some locations could see over 200mm of total rains in Northern Vietnam and Laos which naturally could lead to some serious flooding and landslides. The storm’s backside is also pulling moisture across the Philippines today, and long-range outlooks indicate a sub-tropical low developing near Okinawa.


1) Hainan, a popular tourist spot in China is not going to have beautiful weather this weekend. Expect heavy showers all weekend into early next week.

2) Northern Vietnam including Hanoi. The warm water over the Gulf of Tonkin often surprises us as they tend to help spin things up quickly So should be watched as well. Northern Vietnam could see some pockets of rainfall over 200mm in total.

3) Laos is also seeing heavy rainfall from Koguma, here flooding and landslides are possible.

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