Archive | June 23, 2021

Tropical Storm Champi Named south of Japan.

Discussing Tropical Storm Champi today as it tracks north towards Japan. It would become a typhoon near the Ogasawara island before getting wrapped up in the rainy season front off the coast of Honshu. That still could mean a messy weekend in Tokyo Sunday in to Monday. Maybe not a full-on typhoon there but not a pleasant outdoor weekend at the park.

This after the storm passed south of Guam on Monday- Tuesday. No damage was reported on the island and winds were seen only upwards of 40mph.

Champi kind of a black sheep in the Typhoon Community. Check out its location compared to where all other named storms are on June 25th in the western pacific. Venturing way outside of the typical paths. A few reasons for this with one being above-average sea surface temperatures. Could be a sign of things to come later this season.