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Westpacwx Tropical Outlook

For now there are no named active tropical systems in the western pacific. This after Typhoon In-fa brought flooding rains to Shanghai and Nepartak made landfall in Miyagi prefecture. The first time on record for a storm to come onshore there. Not to mention it’s impact on the Olympics.

These tropical lows south east of Japan that have been kicking up the monsoon continue to bring scattered showers to the Philippines mainly along the west coast. A few locations over the past week have seen upwards of 1000mm of rainfall.

Good news for them the river of moisture there will start to lift north in to Taiwan over teh coming days. Meaning more rainfall in Taiwan and Less in Luzon. Not zero.. but less.

Tracking Nepartak, In-fa and another Tropical Wave

The Olympic games are getting a bit wet today as Nepartak moves onshore just north of Tokyo. Good news this system is looking more sub-tropical than tropical today and is more or less just going to bring some scattered showers across the Tokyo area. Heavy rains are in the forecast for Northern Honshu though with heavy rainfall warnings in place in Fukushima Prefecture.

Meanwhile Typhoon In-fa is bringing flooding rains to the Shanghai area as it moved onshore yesterday, the slow movement of this storm is allowing rain totals to add up to over 500mm in totals across the Yangtze river basin.

The storm also passed Ishigaki-Jima earlier this week bringing typhoon conditions across the region. Check out this video from James Reynolds.

Meanwhile there is another tropical wave east of the Philippines. Worth watching over the coming days as it could help to continue enhancing the monsoon across the country. Specifically western Luzon where wide spread flooding has been reported over the past few weeks.

Could we have a typhoon near Tokyo during the Olympics?

Could we have a tropical system near Tokyo during the Olympics? It is very possible as Invest 90W starts to spin up south of Japan today. Still early and plenty of time to watch but I’m sure the Mets at the Japan Meteorological Agency are keeping an eye on it.

Lets also talk about what we typically see in Tokyo in late July through early August!

Typhoon Cempaka and In-fa Update

In-fa continues to strengthen today and is starting to wrap up while taking on a monsoonal low type of look. This often indicates winds displaced well away from the center of circulation which is why those in Okinawa should not let their guard down despite the fact the center of the storm is passing to the south. Meanwhile in Taipei watches are being issued as the storm could impact the island’s largest city. And in the Philippines, the west coast continues to see the influence from both In-fa and Cempaka. This enhanced monsoon will for sure bring the threat of flooding all along the west coast of Luzon.