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Westpacwx Tropical Update

16W has re-emerged from the grave and now has become a zombie storm east of the Philippines. PAGASA has named the storm Isang since it entered the PAR but the storm will not impact the country directly.

Those in Okinawa need to watch it closely as it could intensify as it moves in to favorable conditions over the next 48hrs.

This after the storm passed over Guam Tuesday bringing breezy conditions with gust up to 30-40mph along with showers.

In the extended outlook if the low re-develops or not it still is likely to enhance the monsoon across North Eastern Luzon. Not a washout like a few weeks ago but still some noticeable rainfall in the forecast.

Tropical Depression 16W Near Guam Update

Tropical Depression 16W is moving over Guam, radar shows more or less a blob / sheid of showers over the island. The airport has also reported gust near 30kts. I discuss this and the long range forecast in today’s update. Plus be sure to hit the subscribe button on the channel!

Severe Floods in Japan and Tropical Storm 16W

A lot going on in the western pacific from Tropical Storm 16W north of Chuuk to the severe Floods in Japan. This video wraps most of this up.

16W still has not been named yet but if it does it will be called Omais from JMA, at the time though that likely will not happen for another 48hrs as the storm is going through some decent shear. Yet as it nears Guam expect conditions to improve for development.

Meanwhile in Japan,

RECORD BREAKING RAINS in #KYUSHU Here are the latest 72 hr rainfall accumulation record over Kyushu as rain continues over Western and Central Japan. A lot of records have been breached, and will continue to increase in some areas. #Saga, #Fukuoka, #Nagasaki have seen torrential rains for several days already.

A Landslide has occurred in Nishi-ku of Hiroshima City, #Hiroshima , where Emergency Rainfall Warning has been issued. No information about injuries so far.

WESTPACWX Tropical Update

JTWC has upgraded 16W to a Tropical Storm. The storm is currently being impacted by dry air and shear but it will be moving into favorable conditions for slow development over the next several days passing Guam Tuesday as a Tropical Storm. Still, lots of time to watch it beyond Guam if it holds together.

Don’t forget to check out the links page below, this holds all the informational a data gathering sources used in this update.

Rare hail seen north of Manila today due to some local afternoon thunderstorms.

This week a annual astronomical event is taking place. The Perseids Meteor Shower!! Watch this video to find out more about it.


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