Archive | September 9, 2021

Chanthu / Kiko Passes near Luzon and then in to Taiwan

Sunrise over Typhoon Chanthu / Kiko shows a beast of a storm off the coast of northeast Luzon. I know it looks spooky but the good news the forecast continues to pull the storm north. To close for comfort though with the outer rain bands though. I do think the outer eye wall will be close enough to cause problems for places like Santa Ana and Aparri in northern Luzon.

Then it’s all about the rainfall not only in the Philippines but also further north in to Taiwan and flooding rains along the east coast through Taipei is likely. Full video here.

Super Typhoon Chanthu / Kiko Nearing NE Luzon and in to Taiwan

#Chanthu / Kiko is still too close for comfort in to Luzon, it is expected to pass north of Cagayan but cone of error remains well over Cagayan. In fact I think the outer eye wall will likely move over Santa Ana and Aparri, so if you know anyone out there ensure they are getting ready for a typhoon.

On another note, inflow will wrap into the storm from the west behind it bringing rain all weekend down through Palawan, Manila and even Visayas. Then as the storm moves over Taiwan severe flooding is possible as we could see well over 500MM of rainfall.