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Tropical Outlook 27th October 2021

The good news Malou is moving out to sea but Vietnam is getting yet more rainfall as a Tropical Depression moves across the country.

In Vietnam, some serious flooding has been seen the last few days following heavy rainfall over the past month from back-to-back tropical systems.

Meanwhile in Japan high pressure and cool air is moving in over the Halloween weekend as Malou tracks east of the Country pulling in the northerly winds behind it.

Tropical Storm Kompasu / Maring Makes landfall in Vietnam , Westpac Tropical Update

Kompasu / Maring still bringing messy weather across SE Asia today. Not only is the storm making landfall but feeder bands continue to influence weather from Taiwan to Palawan.

Multiple Tropical Areas in the Western Pacific

JMA has upgraded the area Near Hainan (Lannie) to Tropical Storm Lionrock. This storm is not expected to become a typhoon but will bring heavy rainfall across Hainan and into Northern Vietnam this weekend. Lionrock by the way the coolest of the names submitted to the Typhoon Committee is the name of a mountain in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile PAGASA has named TD #MaringPH east of Visayas Thursday. The thing is with the track of this storm of course it’s important. But pay attention to the details with the warning. Meaning it’s a rather broad circulation and thus from Taiwan to NW Luzon expects an increase in rain showers from Monday to Tuesday. Could even see some local flooding.

Tropical Update

Tracking a few areas around the Philippines today, one nearing Vietnam while another will likely develop in to a Monsoonal Gyre Type of system ushering in heavy rainfall at times early next week for Luzon.