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Rocket Launch produces unusual clouds over the Philippines.

Check out these photos from Laoag, Northern Luzon in the Philippines. Did anyone see these strange clouds here? Well, it’s not Aliens, actually, it’s a very familiar sight that I often see here in Florida. It’s a noctilucent cloud produced by today’s Rocket launch out of Wenchang in Hainan China of their Mach 7A, high orbit Test Mission. In the image, you can see the bright light being the rocket followed by the trail behind it. PHOTOS VIA Sigrid Salucop Mckenzie, Ana Remigio, and Nelly Cristobal in Northern Luzon.


Despite the devastation from Rai / Odette recovery is well underway. Today the Chief of Metropolitan Public Safety Office (MPSO) in Manila Atty Victor Roy Trinidad shared this information with me about the efforts in Southern Leyte to restore the infrastructure to the region. I’m sure it’s a tough job especially heading into the Christmas Holiday. But lots of love to all those out there working hard to bring much-needed relief to people. These teams are led by Allan Longcop (Team 1) and Franco Jornacion (Team 2) in Southern Leyte.

Here is a timeline of what they have been up to. It’s a lot of information but shows people are getting at it out there before and after the storm and how they prepped to make sure teams were in place prior to landfall.

Dec 15• Acting Governor of Sorsogon, Manuel Fortes, Jr, wrote us to ask for assistance for the impending Typhoon Odette. • Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea was informed of our intent, as well as Usec. Ricardo Jalad of NDRRMC. • We sent Team 1, 18 pax (2 female) with 1 ambulance, 1 military truck with 2 rubber boats in tow, 1 pick up, portable generators, chainsaws and water purifiers.Dec 16 • TY Odette enters Philippine Area of Responsibility and proceeds from Surigao del Norte crossing to Palawan. Dec. 17• Team 1 reached Port of Matnog, Sorsogon and crosses to Port of Allen, Samar. From Samar they crossed to Leyte until they reached Maasin, Southern Leyte. Gov. Damian Mercado welcomes them.

Dec 18 • Gov. Art Yap of Bohol issues a call for help at his FB page and writes a letter to Chairman Abalos• Team 2 is dispatched to Bohol. 57 pax (2 female) with 1 pick up, 1 ambulance, 1 coaster, 1 military truck with 25 kva gen-set in tow, 2 dump trucks, 2 light trucks for sewer clearing (vacuum and water tanker), chainsaws and water purifiers.• Team 1 proceeds with road clearing in Maasin, potable water distribution, and goes to Limasawa island.
Dec 21• Team 2 reaches Port of Allen. • Negotiations for a private charter of a roro ship fails. • The GM of Philippine Ports Authority, Jay Santiago, arranged for a barge to fetch Team 2 from Albuera port (367 kms from Allen, Samar) to Bohol.

Typhoon Odette / Rai moves across the Philippines

Typhoon Odette / Rai continues to move across Visayas today bringing with it destructive winds and flooding. Even for those away from the Philippine Sea Coast like Cebu city you still need to prep for destructive winds that will be hitting during the dark tonight. Already along the coast damage has been reported as well as widespread power outages.

Some storm footage was just sent in from Southern Leyte and Eastern Samar Thursday afternoon. Some surge is being reported in Leyte based on this footage.

Here is the latest TS Winds (-60kph) probability in selected areas in the Philippines as #OdettePH rampages Central Philippines. Basically 100% for numerous locations ahead of the storm.


Typhoon Rai / Odette not looking terribly organized on IR Imagery but as forecasters, we need to look at all the available products. One of them is Microwave imagery shown here which indicates an eye clearing out in the center of the storm. It also shows a rather tight eyewall indicating the max winds concentrated within a small area around the center of the storm with tropical storm conditions spreading out in bands well to the north and west. Thus SIGNAL force 2 has been expanded well into Visayas now and I wouldn’t be surprised if PAGASA issues 3.

A lot to cover in this video update from the impacts it could have on surge, heavy rainfall, and the sustained winds over 150kph stretching from NE Mindanao to Cebu and into Palawan.

Ensure though to continue to check in with PAGASA for the latest information on the storm.