Archive | December 15, 2021


Typhoon Rai / Odette not looking terribly organized on IR Imagery but as forecasters, we need to look at all the available products. One of them is Microwave imagery shown here which indicates an eye clearing out in the center of the storm. It also shows a rather tight eyewall indicating the max winds concentrated within a small area around the center of the storm with tropical storm conditions spreading out in bands well to the north and west. Thus SIGNAL force 2 has been expanded well into Visayas now and I wouldn’t be surprised if PAGASA issues 3.

A lot to cover in this video update from the impacts it could have on surge, heavy rainfall, and the sustained winds over 150kph stretching from NE Mindanao to Cebu and into Palawan.

Ensure though to continue to check in with PAGASA for the latest information on the storm.