Archive | February, 2022

Westpacwx Tropical Outlook

It’s February and the weather is very much acting like it is February as of late. The northeast monsoon is dominating the Philippines bringing cloudy dreary conditions in Luzon with a weak tropical wave over Mindanao producing passing showers. Overall the extended forecast remains calm though with not much in the form of tropical activity.

PAGASA does say though by next week we could have a possible LPA south of Guam. Model guidance remains hesitant on that coming to pass it is not out of the question. Remember in 2021 we had Tropical Storm Auring in late February as well.

Tropical Moisture moves across the Philippines

An unorganized tropical wave is increasing showers in Visayas and Mindanao this week. The heaviest of the rains is on the east-facing coastlines as flow comes in off the Philippine Sea. Few locations *displayed below* indicates 50mm or more, this could result in localized flooding and the potential of landslides. THIS AREA IS NOT expected to develop into a tropical depression. The big issue is the additional rainfall to this already saturated region.

Meanwhile, frigid temperatures dominate Japan while a weak low is developing out of SE China, this will bring more showers into Okinawa on Thursday- Friday.