Typhoon Malakas strengthens near the Ogasawara islands of Japan.

Typhoon Malakas / Basyang is not over yet, the storm has backed off on intensity just a bit. According to JTWC winds are now down to 100kts sustained on Thursday night. Typhoon conditions are likely on the Ogasawara islands where at this time tropical storm conditions are already being seen. Meanwhile, the storm will also combine with gradient-induced conditions along with coastal areas of Honshu creating breezy conditions from Tohoku to Shizuoka. Not damaging but sure a noticeable wind.

Good news for my friends across the Philippines, as Malakas / Basyang pulls north it is dragging in shear and dry air behind it. Furthermore, the slow movement of these storms has stirred up deep ocean water causing upwelling and thus cooler SSTs. What does that mean? Well, it means at least for now less energy out there for tropical development in the near/long term. At least for the rest of April. That’s not a farfetched assumption though considering it’s still April but still it’s welcomed news.

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