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Here is a quick graphic showing the timeline of #PAGASA issuing heavy #rainfall#warning in Central and Eastern #Visayas.

#Agaton#Megi has moved very slow in the coasts of Visayas and even stayed stationary for days dumping lots of rain in different provinces.

Here are some quick stat on what happened so people can grasp the situation out there in the provinces.

1. PAGASA has issued Heavy Rainfall Warning that started on April 5 and ended on April 13. This was when Agaton was still a LPA until it dissipated.

2. The longest consecutive Red Rainfall Warning was issued for #SouthernLeyte which lasted for more than a day.

3. The longest Heavy Rainfall Warning was issued for Southern portion of #EasternSamar which lasted for more than 5 days.

4. The province of #Leyte was under red Rainfall Warning for about 39 hours in a span of 3 days.

All information were obtained through backtracking PAGASA’s Rainfall Warning Bulletins

Deadly Landslide Strikes the island of Leyte, Philippines

Taking a closer look at this landslide in Baybay, Leyte that has left at least two dozen dead and over 100 missing.

Dangerous rains continue across Visayas in the Philippines

Agaton / Megi continues to weaken today and really at this point is more or less an inflow band, for now, #Typhoon #Malakas located west of Guam. The good news as Malakas intensifies it continues to pull in the moisture from Agaton and thus as we head through our Wednesday conditions across Visayas will finally start to improve. Until that happens expect widespread areas to see an additional 50-200mm of rainfall resulting in yet more flooding and the possibilities of landslides.

This after destructive landslides have wrecked parts of Leyte, Samar and Cebu while much of Visayas for that matter has seen days of heavy rainfall resulting in flooding.

Agaton / Megi brings flooding rains in the Southern Philippines

A serious and life-threatening situation is ongoing in Southern Visayas specifically on Southern Leyte and Samar where over 200mm of rain has fallen in the past 24hrs from Tropical Storm Agaton / Megi. The storm is still expected to linger through mid-week as well with yet more rain resulting in flooding and landslides. Be ready for continued river level rises out here and be careful friends! In this video I share some of the impacts and break down when we will finally start to see things improve.