It’s June 1st in the in the western pacific and what does that mean? Well, not much.. in the westpac typhoon season never really begins or ends and there really is a threat year-round for the development of storms.

One thing that does change as we head into June is the chance of re-curving typhoons towards Japan. That is why the US Military they do set TCORIV on June 1st. A simple way to ensure the military there are just a bit more prepared for the threat of a storm.

For the Philippines the storm threat moves a bit further north as well, thus taking Mindanao out of the cone of risk or at least high risk for a typhoon. The area already was blasted earlier this year by Typhoon Odette which brought severe damage from Sairgao to Cebu to Palawan.

For the latest forecast be sure to check our youtube channel

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