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Westpacwx Tropical Outlook

Chaba and Aere are waning in the western pacific today but it’s July and things are just not about to chill just yet. Another tropical wave east of the Philippines is set to bring more rain through mid-week across the Philippines. Then possibly form after passing the country. And another low in the long-range is being picked up by the GFS east of the country into next week on top of that. In short, still, a few areas to watch out there. I’ll have a new video on this later today.

Tropical Storm Aere / Domeng nearing Okinawa

A storm watch is in place in Okinawa as Tropical Storm Aere nears landfall Saturday. The last time we had a named storm over the island of Choi-wan in 2021. Here is a look at this storm and what some of the impacts will be.

Be smart during the storm, that is the key thing. We joke about a “trampoline watch” being put in place but of course that means tie everything down and prepare for a storm today.