Archive | August 31, 2022

Super Typhoon Hinnamnor Passes near Okinawa

Typhoon Hinnamnor is currently clearly seen on the radar. The inner eyewall is where winds are at Super Typhoon Strength and based on the current track those core winds will remain well offshore Wednesday. Outer rain bands though will bring passing tropical storm strength conditions as the bands pass Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, on Minami-Daito part of Okinawa Prefecture, a new record wind gust has been recorded for the month of August. Winds there were seen up and over 174kph.

Hinnamnor is now a Category 5 Super Typhoon East of Okinawa, good news is the storm is going to edge south of the island enough that the core winds will remain offshore. The bad news is tropical storm strength conditions will be on and off starting Wednesday and basically staying in place through Monday Peaking Sunday. A lot to talk about today so it’s a bit of a long video but the more information I’m sure the better.

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