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Typhoon Tembin threatens the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam; heavy rain expected

Merry Christmas from the Western Pacific Weather team.

20171224 2140 33W IR

Infrared satellite of Typhoon Tembin – 2140 UTC 24 December 2017, Courtesy of NRL.

Typhoon Tembin continues to march across the South China Sea as skies become cloud-filled across the Mekong River Delta region of southern Vietnam.  Current forecast track takes the center of Tembin across Cà Mau province in far southern Vietnam.  Regardless of the exact location of where the center of Tembin makes landfall, the effects of the storm will be felt across much of the Mekong River Delta and Southeast Vietnam, to include Ho Chi Minh City.

Winds of 90 km/h with higher gusts will likely be relegated to coastal provinces of the Mekong River Delta region, especially near Cà Mau province, but the main threat will be heavy rainfall across southern Vietnam, far southern Cambodia, and Malay Peninsula of Thailand where 100-150 mm of rainfall is expected over the next few days with Tembin’s passage.  For Thailand, this rainfall comes on top of what recently fell as the remnants of Tropical Storm Kai-tak produced over the past couple days.

20171224 2100 33W Track

RSMC Tokyo’s forecast track and Storm-force Wind Warning from Vietnam – 2100 UTC 24 December 2017.

Meanwhile, recovery efforts are still underway across Mindanao.  The Philippine Star reporting at least 200 people have been killed with 144 remaining missing and 40,000 displaced across the southern region of the Philippines.  Reported totals from various news agencies do diverge, but not short of a tragic situation.  Search and rescue efforts by the military continue in villages hardest hit by flood waters and landslides.  We will continue to monitor these efforts.

Mike Adcock
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

Odette nears landfall over Northern Luzon

Good evening from the Western Pacific Weather team.

As we prepare to go into the overnight hours, the estimated center (based on Japan Meteorological Agency’s track) of Tropical Depression “Odette” is expected to make landfall sometime after midnight. Being a depression, there is a slight discrepancy as to where the actual center is located (PAGASA leaves the central point off of Luzon proper), and ultimately, the center of the system is not nearly as significant compared to the impacts that the system is already having in the area.


Tropical Depression Odette forecast track and Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals as of 2 pm Philippine Time, 12 October 2017.

Winds are estimated to be reaching 55 kph with gusts of more than 65 kph. The northern half of Luzon is currently under Signal 1 according to PAGASA. There is still a possibility of intensification into a tropical storm on Friday, but the main threats at this time are persistent rainfall with flash flooding resulting from the system along with sustained winds at tropical depression force.

Conditions will likely improve through the day Saturday, but throughout Thursday night through Friday night, “Odette” will still be in the region.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

Tropical Depression Odette drenching the northern Philippines

Good morning from the Western Pacific Weather team.

Thank you for your understanding as we have been going through a transition with the staffing on our team. We want to do our best to keep up with the updates for the region, and so bear with us as we get into place.


RGB Enhanced Satellite Imagery of Tropical Depression Odette (0230 UTC 12 Oct 2017)

We are monitoring Tropical Depression Odette that is currently battering the northern areas of Luzon. Moderate rainfall is occurring from Santiago on northward into the Pacific. Some estimated radar rainfall returns are 10-15 millimeters per hour, and it is likely that the rainfall amounts will be increasing during the next 24 hours. Some areas have reportedly seen 70 millimeters of rain within the past 24 hours.

The tropical depression will likely continue gaining strength as it moves over Luzon into Friday. There is a chance that tropical storm conditions will impact the region into Saturday. including windy conditions and significant rainfall.

If you are seeing heavy rainfall in the area, and if it is safe for you to do so, please feel free to share photos and videos to our Western Pacific Weather Facebook page.

On behalf of the team, thank you for your continued readership, and we hope to stay in touch.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

Tropical Depression Pakhar continues to spread rain across Southern China, Macau, and Hong Kong

20170827 1800 16W METSATAt 0200 CST (1800 UTC), Pakhar was downgraded to a tropical depression by the Japan Meteorological Agency.  The center of circulation was in northern Guangxi region, about 225 km north-northeast of the regional capital of Nanning.

At that time, Yellow Typhoon Warnings were in effect for Zhuhai and Jiangmen City in Guangdong province, advising that winds of Beaufort Force 8-9 (gale force, 62-88 km/h) are being observed.  Blue Typhoon Warnings for portions of Guangxi region are also in effect, advising of Beaufort Force 6-7 (39-61 km/h) winds.  Heavy rains still affecting Hong Kong and Macau as they recover from both Pakhar and Hato.  The 24 hours prior to 0800 CST Sunday (27/0000 UTC) shown that 60-100 mm of rain fell on those cities with rain continuing to fall there and across Guangxi and Guangdong.

Given that it is now a tropical depression, JMA has suspended advisories, but the China Meteorological Agency and subordinate provincial agencies will continue to monitor the flooding situation associated with Pakhar.