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Northern Japan Ice Flow Seen From Space

A few days ago I noticed on visible satellite imagery north of Hokkaido Japan a “milky” like cloud. Upon closer examination I quickly realized this was no cloud at all but instead the seasonal ice flow out of the Sea of Okhotsk in far eastern Russia.

Sat Imagery For North East Asia
Zoomed in Image of Okhotsk ice flow

This is nothing unusual and occurs every year in the Far East. Forms off the coast of Sakhalin during the long winter. When the spring fall arrives this allows the ice to move south being ushered along by north westerly winds. This year the ice flow arrived off the coast of Hokkaido about two weeks later than usual according to NHK WORLD. This likely due to the mild winter this past season for the region.

Rain turning to Snow in Tokyo this weekend.

Wet messy weekend across Japan and more specifically the Tokyo area. A low pressure area that spun up off the rainy season front is bringing not only plenty of rain but even late season snow across the Kanto plain in to mid-day Saturday.

In Tokyo it will only be enough snow to really just be seen falling from the sky but in some of the mountains to the north west of the city upwards of 15-20cm is possible. If anyone gets some photos of snow falling on cherry blossoms please do share! Granted I do understand if you don’t since many parks have been closed across Japan due to the Corona Virus.

Invest 93W South Of Guam, 27 March 2020

The tropical Pacific is starting to heat up yet again, typically by this time of year we do already have a few named storms in the tropical pacific but this year has been relatively calm. This leading to warm sea surface temperatures across the doldrums south of Guam. With additional potential energy available any invest area needs to be watched closely.

25 March Tropical Update
Western Pacific Satellite Imagery

With that said we now haven’t invest 93W located south of Guam. Current ASCAT imagery (shown) below does indicate a weak circulation but nothing terribly organized.

Numerical models are not overlay eager on it’s development either with the GFS attempting to form a weak low while the ECMWF completely leaves any development of 93W off the table as of March 27th.

Thus at this time I would not expect anything to develop of significance from this tropical trough south of Guam. Ulithi and Palau likely will see an increase in rainfall through the weekend and in to early next week but unless the forecast changes (which I don’t expect) then the Philippines will miss out on any development from this low.