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5.9 Earthquake off Coast of Samar, Possible Landslides, 17 JAN 2012

A 5.9M Earthquake took place off the coast of Samar around 2100PST time today the 17th of January. This is a relatively weak earthquake compared to other ones that often strike the region yet it has the potential to cause significant damage due to the strong landslide risk in the region that still recovers from Tropical Storm Wahi/Sendong. The video below is a quick synopsis on this quake, for  more information visit our partners at

2012 comes in with a huge Shake in Japan

At 1430JST much of the Eastern Sea Board of Japan was rocked with a large 7.0m Earthquake centered 486km to the South of Tokyo. No Tsunami Warnings have been issued by JMA and PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) has issued a bulletin stating no pacific wide Tsunami is expected.

None the less many people in Japan were jolted by this earthquake today. The infrastructure  of Japan though is built to withstand these types of earthquakes and damage should and is likely to be limited or none at all.

I do say though it was a scare and with memories of 3/11 still deeply implanted in our minds here in Japan this Earthquake was a short but quick shock and defiantly had a least myself on edge for a few seconds.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

6.9m Earthquake Near Naha Okinawa

A deep 6.9m Earthquake took place just West of Okinawa Japan. Light shaking was felt on the island and tsunami bulletin was issued stating no tsunami was expected due to the earthquake.

Large Quake in Peru, no Tsunami Threat to the Western Pacific & East Asia

A 6.9m Earthquake hit Peru today, PTWC did issue a Bulletin Stating no Widespread Tsunami was expected. Yet a local one likely did occur along the Coast of South America.