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Easter & Sakura Blossom Weekend Forecast / 07-08 APRIL 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update

The holiday weekend could not be any more pleasant across the pacific today as no significant weather systems dominate the skies. In South Eastern China including Hong Kong a weak trough of low pressure is dropping rainfall but this toughing reigns alone today. Fair skies dominate the weather pattern in the tropics with the exemption of isolated afternoon to evening rain showers caused by daytime heating.

In Japan the Sakura blossoms are in full bloom resulting in the masses heading out to the parks today to enjoy the spring weekend. Temperatures will remain on the cool side in the Tokyo area but nothing a little bundling up can over come!


So, what is your plans for this holiday weekend? 

Footage From Japans Worst Spring Storm in Years

The “Intense Spring Storm” that blew through Japan Tuesday was one for the Record Books. Rainfall totals mounted above monthly averages in many locations and wind gust were topping 100kph across the entire country with a few stations reporting there strongest winds ever recorded. That is including Typhoons that have struck Japan. This deadly storm that killed three and injured over 300 central pressure was that equivalent to a CAT 3 Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Scale, that gives one the idea of how intense and powerful this transition season weather maker was for the country of Japan today. Damage to property occurred with over 200 homes over 23 prefectures reporting damage. Power losses have also been reported while travel delays occurred across much of the country with over 700 domestic flights cancelled. The footage on this page was gathered across the Net and many thanks goes out to those whom shot it. If you have any footage from this severe storm please feel free to share.

2003’s Typhoon Parma and its Dramatic Loop in the Western Pacific

Here is a look back peace to 2003 made by video Creator Chun Fu Wu. (Click here to see his Youtube channel)Take a look at Typhoon

Parma go Extra-tropical head south then regain its intensity back to typhoon status. Its an unusual event and one that deserves a second look.