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Spring storm blows over Japan, Invest 98W in the PI and Malaysia Floods

03 May 2012, A rough day indeed across the Western Pacific,

Starting in Japan a deep area of low pressure is blowing through today where some locations are seeing upwards of 500mm of rainfall a 24hr period, this is bringing the risk of floods and also landslides on some of the steeper elevations here. Already JMA has issued “ground loosening rains” today for some areas West of Tokyo.  Not only rains though but gusty winds are also becoming a problem as over 50kph winds blow onshore along the East

Coast on Thursday.

For further warnings on this system go to JMA’s english site. 

To the south Invest 98W is spinning up bringing the threat of heavy rainfall the southern Phillippines, good news, this does not look like it will become organized, yet it still does bring the risk of floods and landslides.

Lastly we take a look at Malaysia, and flooding rains there, for a complete update though please click here.

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Rain and Foul Weather Across Japan and China, Storms in the PI 01 MAY

Todays Video Update starts with a large band of rain strechting from China to Japan, this is showing the start of the rainy season in these countries as you see a high pressure over Russia and a strong Western Pacific High in the South. More rain showers in the Western Philippines today as 97W continues to blow up, little threat of development out of this area though.

 ~Meteorologist Robert Speta
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30 APRIL 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update

A low pressure area is pushing over Japan bringing rain with it, in the next 72hrs parts of Japan could see over 200mm of rainfall. Meanwhile the start of the rainy season is showing face in China. More rain is expected in and around Hong Kong. Lastly the tropics are relativly quite today after the rough weekend with the LPA moving on shore in Southern Mindanao. Now it is bones of its previous cluster of clouds, but still rain is coming out of it. If anyone has any pictures reports or videos from this storm or any storm in the westpac were always open to seeing them.

Also if you have any suggestions or comments please put them in the comment box below.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

Lastly here is something new, Its still in its testing phase but it is a Forecast for 01 May at 00Z.

27 April 2012 Western Pacific Weather Video Update

Warm air in Korea and Japan will be accompanied by some yellow sand blowing out of the Gobi desert this weekend. This will be making for some pollution in the atmosphere but for picture takers it will be producing nice sunsets. The tropics have quited down for

friday too, Invest 97W has fallen apart as wind shear tore it apart from the North. This area still needs watching though as it could bring some rainshowers to the Southern Philippines by early next week.

South East china is seeing rain showers this weekend as unstable weather starts to erupt there. Hong Kong in particular could be expierencing strong thunderstorms carrying gusty winds with it.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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