Tropical Depression Developing Near the Philippines

  It has been a rather calm tropical season in the western pacific and the northern hemisphere for that matter thus far this year, but things are slowly starting to fire up, or more like a slow burn in the waters off the Philippines. KEY POINTS A tropical depression has developed west of the Philippines […]

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Deadly floods in Sri Lanka and Cyclone Mora nearing Bangladesh

Heavy early season rains have killed at least 151 people and left 111 missing across Sri Lanka this past week in some of the worst floods in 15 years.  The rains are coming right on time as far as the south west monsoon is concerned, so to see precipitation this time of year is not […]

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PAGASA announces the start of the Southwest Monsoon

As we head more and more in to May and June the south west monsoon as scheduled is starting to get a hold on across southeast Asia. His includes the Philippines where on Wednesday May 24th PAGASA announced the official start of the “Hagabat” or the southwest monsoon. This does not mean the “rainy season” […]

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