In this section you can take a look at several storm scales that is widely use across the world as well as useful temperature conversion table and tropical cyclone classification guide


India Meteorological Department Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale
Category Sustained winds (3-min average)
Super Cyclonic Storm >120 knots >222 km/h
Very Severe Cyclonic Storm 64–119 knots 118–221 km/h
Severe Cyclonic Storm 48–63 knots 88–117 km/h
Cyclonic Storm 34–47 knots 62–87 km/h
Deep Depression 28–33 knots 52–61 km/h

1. Saffir-Simpson Scale
2. Fujita Scale
3. RSMC Tokyo Cyclone Intensity Scale
4. India Meteorological Cyclone Intensity Scale
5. Australia Cyclone Scale


Temperature Conversion
1. Temperature Conversion Table


Tropical Cyclone Classification Guide
1. Tropical Cyclone Classification Guide



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