Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability

Current Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability

Climate Formation Probability


8 Responses to “Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability”

  1. I check this everyday.

  2. I am checking it now too but I don’t know how to interpret it?

    • Basically the areas in green and yellow mean those areas are more likely for tropical formation, yet does not mean one will form in those areas but a tool to use to get a general idea on where systems are likely. Great Question!

  3. Thanks, that is helpful. So then purple areas are less likely for tropical formation?

  4. great site! I have to save it as a ‘favourite’.

  5. News from the Islands Reply March 28, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Taking a look at your site for the first time. Looks great!

    How do the numbers in the scale correlate with actually percent probability that a cyclone will develop? And for what time frame is the probability given – formation within the next 24 hours? Thanks so much for your help. — Dave

  6. Hey Dave, and thank you for visiting the site, I hope you find it helpful. The numbers reflect on a 1-10 scale, above ten (a 12) would be a storm is forming. So just match the shade of color with the scale on the bottom. I hope that helps.

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