WesternPacificWeather.com was created during typhoon season  2010 in an effort to bring in depth English broadcast meteorology on typhoons to people across the western pacific and east asia. The site has since branched out to covering severe weather in eastern Asia as well as Australia.

All views on this channel are solely those of the authors and not those of any parent or employer companies.

Furthermore information found at westernpacificweather.com should not be used in decision making. Please refer to your local WMO approved governmental organization.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. What a great site! Please keep up the good work, I live in the Philippines and this kind of information is VITAL for me and my family. Thanks!

  2. I just like to inform you that i’ll be making a farm-growing vegetables here in Hong Kong.
    I also have a farm in 2011,but my family soon moved to a new house where it took 5 months before i had found a suitable land for growing.
    Your future updates could be vital for a good crop harvest.

  3. Robert,
    Best of luck in your new post!

  4. Your site is so helpful to me and my family in Mindanao. I hope your new post does not mean the end of this site?


  5. I like your new look, great design.

  6. The background your referring to is actually a picture I took in the Philippine sea, glad you like it!

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